The Deep Subwoofer Collection from Origin Acoustics presents refined, subdued aesthetics coupled with surprisingly powerful low-frequency reproduction. With four available models, an appropriate power level can be selected for any room or configuration. The easy set knobs put control back in your hands, and the 5v USB port powers most modern wireless receivers.

Passive Radiator

Each SUBD8, SUBD10, AND SUBD12 contain a highquality downward-facing composite radiator and a powerful front-firing driver. These features allow true-to-life sound by improving bass response and reducing unwanted frequencies.

Modern Design

Inspired by one of the greatest periods of American industrial design, Deep Subwoofers are a subtle yet elegant addition to any sound system. Enjoy deep tones and rich sonic environments without an unsightly black box dominating your space

On Board controls

The onboard controls allow you to dial in the subwoofer to your unique living situations easily. The phase, volume, and crossover are all comfortably accessed with large knobs on the rear.

Model Number SUBD12
Part Number SUBD12000
Active Woofer  12" Composite
Passive Woofer 12" Composite
Frequency Response 22 - 180Hz
Low Pass Filter 50-150Hz +/- 3dB
Output Power 500 Watts
Input Analog Line Level
Auto-On 5mV
Cabinet Finish Cloth Wrapped, Aluminum Top
Dimensions 432 x 432 x 432mm
Weight 25 Kg
Data Sheet

Install Manual

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Use this knob to set the highest bass frequency the subwoofer will play, from 50 to 150 Hz. If you’re using an AV receiver or surround-sound processor, set this knob at 150 and use the crossover built into the receiver or processor. If the subwoofer is installed in a stereo system, set this knob as close as possible to the lowest rated bass extension of the main left and right speakers.


Use this knob to adjust the phase of the subwoofer relative to the main speakers. This will help achieve a smoother blend of the sound of the subwoofer and the main speakers. To adjust it, sit in the chair or couch where you usually listen, and play some bass-heavy music with the phase knob set to 0. Now play the same music with the knob set to 180. If you hear a difference, experiment with different settings until the bass sounds smoothest from your chair.


This knob adjusts the subwoofer’s volume. Turn it clockwise for full volume. Note that the subwoofer level control in an AV receiver will also affect how loud the subwoofer plays. With most AV receivers, setting this knob at about halfway up (the 12 o’clock position) will provide a volume level that allows the subwoofer’s level to be matched with that of the main speakers

Auto On/Off

This switch functions only when the power switch is set to “on.” When this switch and the power switch are both set to “on,” the subwoofer’s power will always be on. When this switch is set to “auto,” the subwoofer’s power will come on automatically when it senses an incoming audio signal. If there is no signal for 15-18 minutes, the subwoofer will automatically shut off.

Subwoofer Connections

Connect the subwoofer to a receiver or preamp using an RCA interconnect cable, not included. The sub can either be connected to a dedicated LFE output or subwoofer output using a single mono cable or, by using a “Y” adapter, to a stereo, adjustable line level output. A fixed line level output is not appropriate as the subwoofer level will not change to follow the adjustments in system output level.
Data Sheet

Install Manual

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