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Welcome!   ....and thanks for wanting to know a little more about us.

We are a business made up of passionate people who love their music, movies and everything related. Working with our nationwide network of A/V professionals we supply high-performing products offering a real point of difference and truly enhance our customers' lives. We are fortunate enough to have worked with some of the industry's best people and brands and have learnt a lot from the experience - if you're interested, there is more to the story...

In the beginning
Over the last formative decades we have worked with some of the world's greatest-selling, most sophisticated and technically brilliant brands, along with brands still being made-by-hand and desired by anyone who are fortunate enough to audition them.
This valuable insight has led us to understand that regardless of the brand, or the price, what our Dealers and their valued customers’ want is pretty much the same. Good gear from people with passion, well supported and a realistic price.

Late in 2013, after a combined 30-years of working within the New Zealand Consumer Electronics industry, we felt the timing was right to start a new journey mixing something old with something new.
Something New and Something Not So New
Though still popular (for good reason), over the last decade there has been a significant move away from physical media such as CD's, DVD's and Blu-Ray. The move towards new and exciting ways to enjoy music and movies (your media) offers a level of enjoyment and convenience we have not had before.
The Something New was for us to build a portfolio of world-class brands in keeping with what our customers have always wanted, but with this new generation of media in mind.... quality brands, great support and realistic internationally comparable prices.
The Something Old, is old-fashioned support - it's not rocket science, but great brands are only as good as the on-going support and back-up they receive. We feel great service and great products have a value far more than any 'normal' brand.
As they say in the airline business, "in the unlikely event of an issue" we will sort it out quickly and without fuss because we value the business and understand the importance of long-term relationships for all involved. There shouldn't be any need for an oxygen mask!

Why get out of bed in the morning?
The Holy Grail is to combine this new convenience and 'content' access with 'old school' audio and video performance - unlocking an intuitive, real-to-life hi-performance experience that we've not had since the invention of recorded sound - and that's 1860!

Our job is supporting A/V professionals across our country to connect your media in ways you may not think possible - you will hear and see things for the first time, and that 'spark' when you experience what's possible is why Connected Media is here!

Thanks for dropping by, and if you want to know more or have a comment to make, please get in touch using our contact us page.


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