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Connected Media thanks you for considering or choosing one of our quality products. We hope you will get years of enjoyment from the product which has been manufactured to the highest standard and specification.

In order to obtain warranty service, in the first instance we recommend contacting the original authorised Dealer you purchased from. If you have any issues with the support you are receiving please contact us with details including the original store invoice from along with details of the complaint and your contact information.  We recommend you keep your original store invoice (or an electronic copy) in a safe place should it be required in the future.

Warranty is offered on a carry-in basis only.

In general, these conditions apply

  • General wear and tear due to usage
  • Defects caused by modification, misuse or abuse or improper maintenance of the instrument
  • Defects involving subjective personal likes or judgements
  • Defects caused by accident or exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity which cause harm to the instrument
  • Consumables such as batteries, and the like, for which replacement may be purchased as required
  • Defects to removable mass storage devices
  • Damage caused by leaking batteries
  • Repairs carried out by a non-authorised person or service centre
  • Software incompatibility or error
  • Overdriving of speakers
  • Connection, incompatibility and configuration issues within the user’s networks or setups
  • Faults or problems caused by software loading
  • Any serialised product on which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed
  • Any installation or removal charges resulting from product failure

Warranty only applies when the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations under normal and reasonable care. It does not cover: damage or failure resulting from faulty or improper installation, act of nature, abuse, use on incorrect voltage, alteration, accident, misuse, negligence or maladjustment. In addition reception problems arising from inadequate antenna systems, outside interference, mains supply problems, thunderstorm activity, infestation by vermin or insects, tampering or modification by unauthorised persons, incompatibility with other brand name equipment and accessories are also excluded.

Failure by the user to observe any recommended precaution noted in the Operating Instructions or exposure to abnormally harsh or corrosive environment, or allowing any foreign objects or matter such as coins, liquids, pins, dirt etc to enter the product, will void the warranty.


Warranty Information

Warranty Information

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