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Contrary to what you may think of subwoofers, especially if you've heard boy racer boomboxes - a well integrated quality Subwoofer allows the entire system to perform.

A subwoofer is a (generally an active/powered) speaker, that reproduces the lower frequencies that we feel as well as hear. It is perhaps the most unseen and therefore underestimated component of a music or theatre speaker system - yet accurate bass can convey depth, emotion and even fear from a movie soundtrack or music.

Subwoofer frequencies are the most susceptible to interference, especially through the connecting cable. This interference comes from external electrical sources such as mains power.  The best subwoofer cables are constructed to repel this interference while allowing the full dynamic signal to be received by the subwoofers in-built amplifier. 

All of the Naked Cable subwoofer cables have excellent conductor construction along with significant shielding to get the best from your subwoofer.


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