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Integration Designer 11.2.0 is now available! Here are the bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Adds support for the new KX4 controller.
  • Adds auto-save functionality. This option can be toggled from the File menu.
  • Unexpected shutdown recovery has been added. If Integration Designer closes unexpectedly, changes can be recovered on the next run.
  • File management has been improved, especially for files stored on removable media or networks.
  • The download process for systems with many or large RTiPanels has been improved.
  • Virtual Panel will more quickly detect and connect to the system controller.
  • Source, Room, and Driver naming has been improved so that the names are automatically made unique.
  • The IR library has been updated to include all the latest code sets, including a fix to the Samsung TV codes.
  • The image optimisation system for RTiPanel has been improved. This can reduce RTIPanel sizes by up to 20%.
  • Driver support has been updated to allow groups of sources to be added at one time.
  • Read-only files are now supported. Changes/downloads can be made while the system is open and can be saved to an alternate location if desired.
  • Bug fix: System processors will now use the NTP system settings, rather than the default NTP server.
  • Bug fix: Host screen resolution changes could cause Integration Designer to update controllers when updates were not actually necessary.
  • Bug fix: Driver configuration changes are now immediately reflected in the macros and source displays.
  • Bug fix: Long path and filename combinations are now supported for system files.
  • Bug fix: Instead of being deselected, multiple home sources are no longer displayed at all in the Add Pages dialog. Multiple home sources within a room are not recommended.
  • Bug fix: Auto programming will select the first home source rather than the last home source within a room if multiple home sources are present.

Also a reminder that the new ID11 Programming Curriculum is available now under the Support Menu > RTIXCEL (login required)