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Elevate your meeting space with effortless wireless presentation, vivid 4K video, and crystal clear audio.

The Intelligent Video Bar is the centerpiece of the RTI Intelligent Meetings Ecosystem. From huddle spaces to large conference rooms, RTI Intelligent Meetings enables the audio, video, and collaboration needed in today’s hybrid work environment.

Host more efficient, engaging, and productive meetings, elevating the quality of interactions and outcomes on your preferred conferencing platform.

Intuitive Meeting Room Experience

  • Clear instructions for all presenters, with Wi-Fi connectivity information for guests.
  • Customizable background.
  • Multiple connection types:
    AirPlay, Miracast, PC, and Media Xchange.

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Advanced Accessories - Just Add:
It's an all-in-one solution to suit collaboration spaces of all sizes.

User-friendly web interface to suit all users - no RTI programming required!

Here are some suggested uses:

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