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Does your business play music? Or your client's business?
 - You need a OneMusic license!

This could include hold music on the phones, or background music in reception, offices, lunch rooms or anywhere else in any business setting.

All businesses that play music need a music license from OneMusic. This applies whether you’re using a commercial streaming service (ie SoundMachine), or a consumer streaming service (please don't!). 

OneMusic is the agency that manages venue licenses, and commercial streaming services have built-in content licensing and royalties.
Here's a handy guide to the licenses you may need per industry:

Click here for more information at the OneMusic website.

OneMusic FAQ

Installers and system integrators should note:
The responsibility for obtaining and maintaining a music license (per venue) rests with your clients, not with you. All you can do is inform the client that they should have this license.

Over the years, we've spec'd and supplied an enormous range of commercial audio systems to suit just about any application - from cafes and bars to offices, retail shops, workshops, factories and more! The only consistent thing that all of these venues need is a music licence...

So whatever you're using for music - be it a compact hifi solution like the BluOS streaming PSB Alpha iQ active monitors, or NAD Custom amps with Origin Acoustics built-in speakers, or even scaleable Bluesound Professional streaming amps and streaming powered speakers - just make sure you've got your OneMusic venue license sorted!