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The latest and greatest version of BluOS has arrived. Be sure to upgrade your players and software controller apps to experience the overhauled user interface and improved design.

A new Home menu makes the BluOS experience even simpler. With a fully featured navigation bar at your fingertips, you can quickly browse Favorites, access Players, or hit Search to browse for music. 

You can update your players through the BluOS Controller App. To get the best experience, update your BluOS App first, and then your players.

BluOS 4.0 supports all generations of Bluesound / BluOS products, so you can roll it out to all your devices around your home or commercial space.

transitionary feature has been built into 4.0 to allow you to revert back to the previous version of the BluOS App, if you would prefer not to enhance your experience at this time. This option will be available for a short time, before all customers eventually are asked to move permanently to 4.0. It’s available in the Settings menu of the App.

Click here for an all-new BluOS App User Guide, with an overview of the different areas, features, and settings of the BluOS experience. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the new design. There are helpful Knowledge Base articles also available already on the BluOS Support site.