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Power Over Ethernet Network Streaming Speaker
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BlueSound Pro-826

The Bluesound Professional BSP1000 is the BSP500’s big brother, again a complete system including a streaming module, power amplifier and speaker system powered by type 2, 3 or 4 PoE with one-wire connection for both power and signal. This system has a 6 ½” Polypropylene woofer and a ported enclosure for superior low frequency performance and it is also weather sealed for indoor or outdoor installation.
The BSP1000 is available in black or white and it includes an integral mounting bracket.

  • Weatherproof
  • Fully Flexible Bracket System for vertical and horizontal mounting and 2-axis rotation
  • Range of Rotations – 90° on one plane and 170° 0n second plane
  • Rubber Cover for terminals
  • Highly-damped/low-resonance UV-resistant, thick-walled Polypropylene Enclosure
  • Extensive internal enclosure ribbing for stiffness
  • Front Facing Port and Rubber Port Plug
  • Painted Aluminium Grille
  • Paintable Enclosure and Grille
  • Available in White or Black finis
  • Integration with many streaming services[*] including Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal, QSIC etc.

[*] Please check with your streaming service provider to ensure it is available in New Zealand.
The supply of the Bluesound Professional product assumes that the rights of the content being streamed and venue being played at are the responsibility of the end user.

Acoustic Performance Modelling Files
Please click here for the latest modelling files for all Bluesound Professional speakers. These are available for .GLL format for EASE and .CF2 for other applications such as Odeon, CATT-Acoustic and Bose Modeler.

Data Sheet

Bluesound Professional  
Application Guide

Bluesound Professional
Data Modelling Files

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AV System Integrator 2-380

The Bluesound Professional ecosystem enables the installation of high-quality audio systems into commercial environments with minimum fuss. Access to streaming services and local and network stored digital content allows for a wide range of material including updates as new services and content become available, leading to future proofed systems and satisfied customers.
Setup of the system is from flexible and intuitive software allowing quick and easy programming.
Finally, control of systems is from computer’s, mobile devices, integration into third party control systems or dedicated low-profile attractive wall mounted panels providing multiple options to satisfy user requirements.

***Contact us for information on the latest third party control driver version    btn enquire-928

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