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Invisible Loudspeakers

Invisible Loudspeakers

Unlike a conventional custom installed speaker (flush mounted in-wall or in-ceiling speakers) Amina Invisible speakers can be integrated in your home's interior without any indication of where they're located - check out the links below or read on for more information!
Amina EDGE 
High Performance 

High Fidelity

Amina Mobius7-47
Amina Discrete 

ALF40 (250px wide)

What are Custom Installed Speakers?
installing custom install ceiling speaker While serving a similar purpose to a traditional cabinet speaker (i.e. floor-standing, bookshelf, centre and satellite speakers)  a custom speaker is designed and engineered differently for its specific purpose. A traditional speaker works as a total unit balancing their speaker drive unit(s), cross-over electronics and cabinet to offer the best 'in-room' sound reproduction.
A custom speaker (flush mounted in-wall or in-ceiling)  is designed to be discrete and therefore having no (visible) cabinet and a discrete cosmetic design has specific challenges to overcome to ensure the best sound quality.
A good custom speaker is made of materials that offer high power handling, smooth audio response and extended bandwidth (good highs and lows). Low resonance and low distortion along with a tweeter which can be aimed towards the listener’s position are also beneficial features.

Degrees of 'Invisibility'
One of the primary reasons for their existence, is custom speakers are by design visibly discrete.

Many manufacturers approach the industrial design to hide, as much as possible the speaker's location once installed.

There are varying degrees of aesthetic subtly with the bezel (surrounding frame) and grill design becoming more and more discrete as the level (and price) increases.
thin bezel custom install speaker (copy)

What are (real) Invisible Speakers?
Amina being installed(copy)(copy)Amina being plastered over (copy)(copy)-616-564-647
Unlike a conventional custom installed speaker (flush mounted in-wall or in-ceiling speakers) Amina Invisible speakers can be integrated in your home's interior without any indication of where they're located - that is until you turn on the sound!

When in use, Amina speakers will fill your space with beautifully diffused high-quality audio in a truly unique environment - your home!

Being 'invisible' they're a great long-term investment as they can be repainted or wall papered along with the interior of your home - colour matching and discrete placement is no challenge at all!

Due to many years of research and development Amina speakers can also be integrated behind wood, furniture and other materials - the soundscape can be as unique as your interior. Please ask your installation professional for more details on what can be achieved.

How do they work?
Amina invisible speakers (copy)AIW 350  Large(copy)
The design of a conventional loudspeaker has been around for roughly 150-years and uses an electroacoustic transducer to move air and create sound.

An Amina speaker is closer in design concept to a musical instrument. Using an exciter (think the string on a guitar) and sounding board made of advanced honeycomb aluminium (light and stiff) these work in much the same way that an acoustic musical instrument works to reproduce sound.

Because the entire surface of the speaker generates sound, the result is high quality audio that sounds natural and rich. Detailed and wide dispersion of sound is unlike most custom or traditional speakers and a fully involving experience.

Why Amina?
For well over a decade of Amina has been researching and developing their unique speaker design. This experience in both residential and commercial applications has allowed Amina to become the world-leader in invisible speaker design.

Their robust build and excellent sound quality have seen them win industry related awards for sound and design including Best Manufacturer earlier in 2014.

Amina Speakers are designed and manufactured in England to exceptional quality standards and are guaranteed for *10-years!

     amina logo 250px
Amina speakers made in the UK  

What if it goes wrong?

Amina 10-years-warranty
A commonly asked question is what happens if a speaker fails?

While highly unlikely, with Amina's experience and robust build, along with the professional services of a trained installer the likelihood of a failure is exceptionally low.

The most common cause of speaker failure is being overdriven (or as we call it - parents away for the weekend syndrome). This 'syndrome' is cleverly managed by a box of tricks called an APU (Amina Protection Unit), this device unit is placed within easy access of the amplifier and monitors the signal to the speakers to prevent any damaging signal from reaching the vital speaker components.

The APU, along with many years of experience is why Amina speakers are guaranteed to last *10-years when installed by a trained professional!
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*Warranty on Edge and Mobius series speakers when installed by an approved installer and with the appropriate APU unit installed
The iQ range and subwoofers are covered by a 5-year warranty.

Want to know more?
amina speaker beauty shot(copy)

If Amina Invisible speakers are of interest to you, please contact us.

We'll send you an information pack along with the details of someone in your area who can help answer any further questions you might have.



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