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IR (InfraRed) mini receiver for use with our IRKIT, IRSYSTEM and IRSYSTEMPLUS systems
IRRX Blue Eye
Infrared Micro Sensor

The tiny infrared receiver (only 6mm wide) is highly sensitive can be hidden in the most inconspicuous place.

Optimized for MySky, MySky hdi - and all new TV's including LED and OLED.

Includes 50cm cable from sensor to processor and 200cm from processor to a RJ45 connector for easy connection or extension. Can be extended over 100 meters if needed.


Warranty info 3 years
*3-year warranty
IRRX with electronics and connector
Sensor with processor/connector

Blue Eye Warranty:  *3 year manufacturer limited warranty when installed by a trained, approved professional!

The IRRX receives IR signals from a traditional remote control and then strips off the carrier signal and converts the signal into a simpler data stream. This simpler ‘baseband’ signal can now be sent over long lengths of cable with negligible deterioration.

The technology used effectively recreates a copy of the original remote control signal so there is little chance of interference or corrupted signals. Once the signal arrives at the source it is converted back to the normal IR signal and therefore reliably works with 99% of all consumer equipment.

  • Power supply: 12v (supplied with systems)
  • Dimensions: 6mm x 7mm (excluding cable)
  • Electrical connection:
    • Cable to sensor - approx 50cm
    • Cable to connector - approx 200cm
      (terminated with RJ45 which can be lengthened as required)
  • Manufacturer warranty for residential applications : 3 years