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Pro Control ProPanel eLicense for iOS Mobile Device Integration
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Today’s electronics are converging in new and exciting ways, and the ProPanel app is a perfect example of that. Highly customisable using the Pro Control Studio® programming software, ProPanel offers the same intuitive control experience that native Pro Control remote controls do – only running on your favorite mobile device instead!

ProPanel provides secure local or remote access to a Pro Control control processor from any local area network or Internet connection. User can control their music and video, view and adjust thermostats, monitor security systems and turn lights on and off – all from the home, the office, on vacation, or anywhere in between!

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Use your favorite mobile device to control Audio/Video, Lights, Climate and other electronic systems.

-Fully integrate Apple iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod Touch® devices into new or existing Pro Control Systems.

-Compatible with the ProLink.r and ProLink.z control processor.

-Highly customizable user-interface.

-Auto-Programming features allows a complete, fully functioning system to be created in a matter of minutes.

-Programmed using the same Pro Control studio software that is used for all Pro Control products.

-Use as the main control interface or in conjunction the Pro Control handheld remotes.

-Supports the creation of both portrait and landscape views with no extra programming required.

-ProPanel supports full two way feedback, including coverart, graphics, text, dynamic scrolling lists, and more!

-Supports local connection via Wi-Fi®, and off-site access via Wi-Fi® or 3G/4G, with automatic switching.

-Highly optimised for fast connection times.

-Control system programming stored on Apple device and updates automatically when changes are made.


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