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HDMI Sphere Series

HDMI Sphere Series
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Sphere Series, HDMI Cable 18Gpbs 4K Ultra-HD 0.6m - 30.0m
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The HDMI Associate is awarded exclusively to manufacturers who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to selling only 100% compliant, fully tested HDMI products. All WireWorld cables are manufactured to exacting performance standards and rigorously tested for reliability and it's not just us saying it.

0.6m - 30.0m WireWorld Sphere Series HDMI Cables 

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Building on the success of International multi-award winning HDMI cables, the Sphere range enjoys all the performance benefits from WireWorld’s extensive experience, but designed for the unique conditions of being permanently installed.

Engineered to be incredibly fast, and delivering crystal clear definition, depth, and contrast up to 30m, every length exceeds the HDMI 18Gbps specifications but is robustly built for the challenges of installation.

The HD-Bridge module in the active (9m to 30m) Sphere HDMI cables is a technical marvel that overcomes limitations of previous active cable solutions. Compatible with all HDMI revisions from v1.0 to v2.0, the HD-Bridge in active Sphere cables is powered by an external USB connection at the TV. The module requires 0.2A, so it can be powered by standard USB sockets and transformers.
To improve resolution, the HD-Bridge module contains three discrete power supplies for digital video, bias voltage and DDC. HD-Bridge also includes exclusive adaptive circuitry and a DDC rise time accelerator to maximize compatibility between components.

Key Features include:

  • Rounded approach – a new robust construction allows for both flexibility and strength as well as long-term reliability.
  • Ideal for applications from rack installations to a projector up to 30m away from the Ultra HD source.
  • Full DPL independent certification to 18Gbps, HDR, HDCP2.2 up to 30.0m
  • CL2/FT4 (UL) rated insulation
  • Sphere™ HDMI allows for improved colour & contrast, and reduces signal loss for superior performance and of course reliability.
  • Includes WireWorld’s own HD Bridge technology on 9.0m and above without adding excessive bulk to the cable headshell.

This Series of cable is available in the following lengths...
0.6m 1.0m 2.0m 3.0m 5.0m 7.0m
*9.0m *12.0m *15.0m *20.0m *25.0m *30.0m

*SPH9.0M to SPH30.0M includes HD-Bridge Active Technology - requires USB power at Sink (TV)

Other ranges in this category of cable that are also available...

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Top Tips
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  • Please note that all WireWorld HDMI cables are directional, check orientation before installation.
  • Wireworld Sphere 9.0M to 30.0M HDMI Cables require USB Power for the Sink (TV) end.
  • Regardless of brand, due to the nature of Custom Install where a HDMI cable is permanently installed behind a wall or ceiling, it is highly recommended to check the cable's operation before installing.
  • Due to static discharge it is highly recommended to switch off any components before connecting or disconnecting HDMI cables.   
Warranty: WireWorld cables are engineered and manufactured using to the highest standard and as such all cables sold through an approved New Zealand Dealer have a lifetime warranty.
Design Round construction for both flexibility and strength ideal for installation
Conductor Material Oxygen-Free Copper
Insulation Composilex 2
CL2/FT4 (UL) rated dielectric
Dimensions Cable: Diameter varies from 6.7mm to 9.7mm depending on length
Plug: 0.6m-7.0m Headshell W 20mm x D 37mm   
         9.0m - 30.0m *Headshell W 20mm x D 43mm
*Active at the sink/TV end of cable
Available in all popular lengths (see chart above)  
Plug Contacts  Moulded Plastic, HD-Grip, Gold 
Note All lengths are independently verified by DPL Labs and exceed the latest HDMI 2.0/4K specification.
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Better Materials and Design = Better Performance


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