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Mini Toslink - Nova 7 Series

Mini Nova Toslink Series 7 Cable *0.3m - 5.0m
Mini Toslink - Nova 7 Series
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Wireworld digital audio cables utilize unique new designs that minimize jitter by providing sharper waveforms than the standard digital cable designs used by other manufacturers.
They provide the least jitter available at each price level, producing distinct improvements in tone quality, clarity, image focus, smoothness and dynamic range…

*0.3m - 5.0m WireWorld Toslink Optical Digital Audio Cables 

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In the Beginning 
Wireworld Cable Technology, which was founded by renowned designer David Salz in 1992, is the premier provider of leading edge digital and analog cable technology for home audio and video, from HDMI to state of the art high-end interconnects and speaker cables.
The company has an unmatched reputation for producing superior cables and have continued to push the boundaries being the first manufacturer to offer many unique designs and engineered to offer critically acclaimed performance from entry level to absolute luxury. 

Digital is just '1's and 0's' huh? 
TOSLINK is the standard connection system for digital audio also known as an "optical audio cable" or just "optical cable". As the signal is light it is impervious to electromagnetic interference.

So why does the quality of the cable make a difference? When comparing a WireWorld SuperNova to Nova a basic optical cable, listeners will often comment about “higher resolution” or “better soundstaging”, or perhaps “better dynamic sound”. WireWorld Optical cables achieve this using technology and build quality to minimize digital jitter and ensuring minimal losses of the original signal. 

Jitter, which is variance in timing can be sonically detrimental jitter. At each price level, WireWorld provide the lowest jitter available, producing distinct improvements in clarity, smoothness and dynamic range.

That’s a short explanation on why cables can sound different even though it's only 1's and 0's.

If this is a little like being back at school, we suggest that you listen to the difference for yourself by contacting your local Dealer.
Mini-TOSLINK (3.5mm mini connector) for use with Apple iMAC & Mac mini and other portable consumer electronic devices available as a special order.nto nmo sm 205px
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“Nova does a very
good job when Toslink
is on the menu”  

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WireWorld - Engineered to sound better 
A precision triple-polished acrylic optical conductor reduces jitter to improve the quality of digital surround sound.

Key Features include:
  • Series 7 Digital Audio cable utilizes Wireworld’s exclusive cable construction and the world's best conductor material at each level.
  • A precision triple-polished acrylic optical conductor reduces jitter to improve the quality of digital surround sound at a modest price.  
*This Series of cable is available in the following lengths...(Toslink to Toslink - use code NTO)
0.5m 1.0m 2.0m 3.0m 5.0m 8.0m
O O O O O  

*Also available in the following lengths...(Toslink to Mini-Toslink (3.5mm) - use code NMO)
0.3m 0.5m 1.0m 2.0m 3.0m 5.0m 8.0m
O O O O O O  

Other ranges in this category of cable that are also available... 
Nova Supernova

Warranty: WireWorld cables are engineered and manufactured using to the highest standard and as such all cables sold through an approved New Zealand Dealer have a lifetime warranty.
Design Toslink Optical
Conductor Material A precision triple-polished acrylic optical conductor
Insulation -
Dimensions Available in most popular lengths (see chart above)  
Plug / Contacts  WireWorld standard TOSLINK (EIAJ/JEITA RC-5720 standard) 
Also avialable in TOSLINK to Mini-TOSLINK (3.5mm mini connector)
Note Product code NTO for standard Toslink or use;
product code NMO for Toslink to Mini-TOSLINK
WireWorld Series 7
 Digital Cables

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WireWorld Digital Audio cablesIt's not just ones and zeros
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Overview of all of the latest Series 7 WireWorld product lines
WireWorld Series 7 
Full Catalogue 

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