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NAD M50.2 - Masters Series Digital Music Player - BluOS Enabled
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NAD Master 2-614
NAD Masters Series
Many of NAD’s new technology innovations are first introduced in this flagship series. World-class fit and finish reflect the advanced design and features enclosed within.


Digital Music Player with 2TB Storage, CD Ripper, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

A hybrid of NAD’s renowned M50 and M52, the M50.2 Digital Music Player offers everything you need to hear the music you love in the best quality possible. Harnessing the power of BluOS®, the M50.2 allows you to organise and store your music library, while making it easily accessible via the BluOS app. A high resolution network music player, the M50.2 was designed to house 24/192 files whether it be from a CD or music download site. The M50.2 CD transport can playback or rip to internal storage, and ripping is completely automatic. You can also connect to the M50.2 via Bluetooth®, opening the doors to virtually any music streaming service. The M50.2 brings you closer to your favourite music and makes it remarkably simple to access it. A wondrous integration of hardware and software, the M50.2 has 2TB of storage and a mirrored backup, ensuring you’ll never have to sacrifice any music or worry about losing it.

Take Two

When we introduced the M50/M51/M52 Digital Music Suite in 2012 (in honour of our 40th anniversary) we were betting that audiophiles around the world would embrace the new digital format of High Resolution Audio. These ‘highest quality’ recordings were just becoming available to consumers. For music lovers it was a dream come true. Exact copies of the Studio Master could now be easily downloaded, stored, and played back at any time in the home. Music lovers could finally get all the music the artist created. The Masters Suite makes it easy to download these high-res music files and securely store them, without reverting to using a computer for this task.

A lot has changed since we introduced the original Masters Digital Music Suite, but the M50 has kept abreast of these changes because of the incredible power of BluOS. This proprietary music-only operating system can be remotely updated to include new features and access to new sources of music. BluOS brings all your music together, from timeless CDs to cutting edge 24/192 downloads; all are organised and easily accessed via the BluOS app.

Now, high-res music listening, multi-room wireless streaming, 24/192 storage and CD ripping can all be found in one beautiful component: the M50.2. With 4TB of internal redundant storage featuring programmable RAID backup, this is a complete music solution that does not require a computer and is not prone to the viruses and program conflicts encountered when using a multi-purpose computer for music storage and playback. The M50.2 is a noise-free component that offers state-of-the-art digital performance and requires no additional programs to buy. Just add the DAC of your choice and enjoy.

Digital Music Player

The M50.2 is a “software defined” product, meaning that much of the functionality of the system is defined by software not hardware. This means that new cloud services or audio codecs can be integrated at a future date by simply updating the software of the M50.2. This software upgrade potential means that there is a software ‘roadmap’ that allows the M50.2 to live on and maintain its cutting edge functionality.

Hands-free Voice Control with Alexa

Add the BluOS Voice Skill inside the Amazon Alexa app and enjoy hands-free voice control of personal music collections, streaming services and more using a list of simple streamlined commands. Using an Echo device you can ask Alexa to play popular songs from Tidal, queue up saved playlists, adjust the volume in different rooms, or ask what’s playing in the Kitchen. No Echo device and want to try it out? No problem. Download the Amazon Alexa app, activate the skill, tap the speech bubble in the bottom drawer of the Amazon Alexa app and say anything from the list of commands.

Since its introduction, the original M50 has added TuneIn Internet radio tuner, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Murfie, and many more. We also include ‘direct download’ of High Res Audio from and, allowing you to purchase and download new music from right inside the BluOS app. The new M50.2 uses the same BluOS software, but has added some hardware features like a new, more powerful processor and Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX for direct audio streaming from a wide variety of popular devices.

Remarkable Performance

The hardware of the M50.2 includes the latest generation of low power, super high performance ARM processors that one can find. These have more computing power than a PC, yet run cool and do not require noisy fans. Many different digital outputs are supported in the hardware including SPDIF and HDMI.

The Choice is Yours

There is a choice of wired or wireless network connection using standard Wi-Fi protocol IEEE 802.11 b/g/n. While it is possible to stream 24/96 music wirelessly, we recommend a wired connection or local storage for HD music to avoid any possibility of dropouts. The Wi-Fi capability does offer the option of control from a smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi, which is a fantastic way to enjoy your music collection. The M50.2 CD transport can playback or rip to internal storage, and ripping is completely automatic. The BluOS app with a network connection to the Internet, allows this music management software to fetch metadata and cover art; organised and instantly available for playback without the need for a computer. You can browse your music collection using album art or category listing, and easily create playlists on the fly.

Master Quality Authenticated

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is a revolutionary end-to-end technology built into every Bluesound Player that captures and delivers master quality audio to any room in your home. All Bluesound Players include a powerful decoder and audio renderer for the MQA system. The MQA logo shown in the BluOS app indicates that the unit is decoding and playing an MQA stream or file, and lets you know that you are hearing exactly what the artist recorded and approved in the studio.


  • Music storage device with slot-loading CD drive and 2TB internal hard drive
    • 2TB of mirrored backup storage
    • Rips CDs as lossless FLAC files for convenient storage and excellent sound quality
  • "Direct ripping" of high-res files purchased from HDTracks — no computer needed
  • BluOS compatibility for further expansion with Bluesound wireless speakers
  • Plays high-resolution music from CDs, internal storage, network storage devices, connected USB drive, or streaming services
  • Streams high-resolution MQA songs and albums from TIDAL MASTERS (subscription required)
  • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi® for a robust wireless connection to your home network
  • High-fidelity Bluetooth aptX® audio coding for greater sonic detail with compatible devices
  • Supported sample rates: 32kHz to 192kHz
  • Supported bit depths: 16-24
  • Solidly built chassis and heavy-duty front panel fight sound-muddying vibration
  • No built-in DAC; requires a separate DAC or an amp or receiver with digital inputs

Bluesound Wireless Whole Home Music System:
  • Control the system with a free BluOS app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer (Android™, iOS®, Kindle Fire, Windows®, and Mac®)
    • Also controls other Bluesound players on your home network
  • Plays MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, FLAC, ALAC, MQA, WAV, and AIFF files
  • Plays internet radio stations from TuneIn Radio and iHeart Radio
  • Spotify® Connect support (Spotify app and premium account required)
  • Plays streaming music from services like TIDAL, Slacker, and Napster
  • Play and send music to multiple rooms when you add other Bluesound players
  • Works with Amazon Alexa-compatible voice control assistants

Connections and General Information:
  • Touch-panel display for play/pause/skip and other music playback controls
  • Front- and back-panel USB Type A ports for connecting a thumb drive with music files
  • Digital audio inputs: 1 optical, 1 coaxial
  • Stereo RCA inputs
  • Audio outputs:
    • 1 HDMI 1.4 audio (may require BluOS firmware update)
    • 1 coaxial digital audio
    • 1 optical digital audio
    • 1 balanced digital AES/EBU (XLR)
  • USB output for mass storage mode
  • Ethernet port for a wired connection to a home network
  • Detachable AC power cord
  • IR input allows control via optional IR repeater systems (not included)
    • No remote included

What's in the box:

  • Digital music player
  • AC power cord
  • 4 Magnetic feet
  • 2 W-LAN antennas
  • Cleaning cloth
  • USB thumbdrive
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Warranty Card

CD Ripping & HDD

Master Series Digital Music Player: A hybrid of NAD's renowned Master Series M50 Digital Music Player and M52 Digital Music Vault, the M50.2 Digital Music Player combines high-res music listening, multiroom wireless streaming, 24-bit/192kHz storage, and CD ripping into one beautiful component.

Note: Pair the M50.2 Digital Music Player with one of NAD's Master Series' preamplifiers and power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, stereo receivers, or AV receivers (all sold separately).

CD Transport: The NAD M50.2 Digital Music Player features a front-loading CD slot. The built-in CD transport can playback Audio CDs (CD-A) only. The M50.2 will automatically start playback of an inserted CD. Playback is different and much improved in the M50.2 over conventional CD players. Instead of streaming directly from the disc to the output, the M50.2 momentarily stores the data in a memory buffer where it is re-clocked to the M50.2's high precision master clock for the lowest levels of jitter.

Disc Ripping: The M50.2's CD transport can rip an inserted Audio CD directly to its built-in HDD thanks to NAD's own music management software. Ripping is completely automatic. With a network connection to the Internet, this music management software captures metadata and cover art, without the need for a computer. Everything is organised and instantly available for playback. You can browse your music collection using album art or category listing, and easily create playlists on the fly. You can choose to rip your Audio CD music as MP3 or FLAC files.

  • MP3 (default format): Standard audio compression designed to keep bandwidth low with little degradation. Files are ripped at 320kbps, the highest level of sound quality available to MP3 format.

  • FLAC (recommended format): High quality compression designed specifically for CD backup purposes. Files are ripped at FLAC level 5 balancing compression and rip speed at full CD lossless levels of 44.1kHz/16-bits

  • Both: For Hi-fidelity quality playback with the ability to export or download to a personal MP3 Player.

Note: When ripping multiple CDs, insert the next disc as soon as the current disc is ejected (it is not necessary to wait for the encoding to be completed before the next disc is inserted). Only Audio CDs can be ripped. It will not rip Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-Audio, HD-DVD, or other types of Optical Disc format. The CD ripping procedure can be stopped at any time by selecting "Eject CD".

HDTracks Ripping: You can also purchase, download, and store high-res tracks (up to 24-bit/192kHz) from HDTracks on the built-in HDD with no computer needed.  Now, you'll be able to access and share your entire digital music collection and stream it in studio-quality quickly and easily.

Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD): The NAD 50.2 Digital Music Player features 4TB of internal redundant storage featuring RAID backup. You get 2TB of music storage with another 2TB of mirrored backup storage. Inside the NAD M50.2 resides an ultra-low noise 2x 2TB (Terabyte) HDD array. These special low noise media hard disc drives run cool and completely quiet. Unlike HDDs made for general computing, the M50.2 drives do not require fans for cooling.

Note: Audio files stored on the HDD can be played back at the M50.2 and wirelessly distributed to other Bluesound components in your home for multiroom playback.

RAID 5 Technology: The M50.2 Digital Music Player  provides a high level of protection for your valuable digital music collection. Using a Redundant Array of Independent Discs (RAID 5) technology, the M52's two 2TB hard disc drives (HDD) make it nearly impossible to damage your music. Front panel LED indicators display the status of the HDDs, and alert you if there is an HDD failure. Even if a disc drive fails, you won't lose data; simply replace the drive, and the system automatically reconfigures itself.


Network & Bluetooth Integration

Wired or Wireless Network Connection: The M50.2 Digital Music Player connects to your home network via a hardwired Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) jack connector or wireless WiFi (802.11 b/g/n; 2.4GHz) connection. Either network/internet connection allows you to stream music from the built-in HDD, online music services, or your Windows or Mac computer.

Bluesound Wireless High-Resolution Audio Eco-System: The NAD M50.2 is part of Bluesound's wireless high-resolution audio eco-system. The Bluesound wireless high-resolution audio eco-system consists of music players, amplifiers, hard-drives, and wireless speakers to playback your high-res and low-res music files, along with your favourite online music services throughout your home using your home's WiFi network. With an advanced WiFi antenna design and blazing ARM Cortex9 Processors, Bluesound ensures a solid connection in every corner of your home. Play your music in perfect sync or play different music simultaneously to any Bluesound device in any room.

Supported Music Formats: The Bluesound wireless audio system supports both low-res and high-res audio files; including MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC, ALAC, WMA Lossless, MQA, WAV, and AIFF. Bluesound has been designed to work with today's larger music collections, and has indexed libraries up to 100,000 songs in demonstrated practice (this will depend on the music's metadata & artwork). Bluesound also offers gapless playback by default for all supported file music types.

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated): Bluesound is the first wireless multiroom audio system to support MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). MQA is a revolutionary end-to-end technology that captures and delivers master quality audio in a file that's small enough to stream or download. Bluesound worked closely with MQA to implement technology inside each Bluesound component to ensure the listener will hear MQA encoded music and streams exactly like the source and the way the artist intended you to hear it when it was approved in the studio.

Inputs & Outputs

Dual USB (Type-A) Ports: The NAD M50.2 is fitted with two USB (type-A) ports to connect select USB mass storage devices with music files. Typical USB mass storage devices compatible with M50.2 include portable flash memory devices (like a USB thumbdrive) and external hard drives (FAT32 formatted). Not only can USB audio be played back on the M50.2, but can also be wirelessly distributed to the rest of your Bluesound components throughout your home for multiroom playback. Supported music files include -

  • High Resolution: ALAC, AIFF, FLAC, and WAV (up 24-bit and 192kHz)

  • Low Resolution: MP3, WMA, AAC, and OGG Vorbis (up to 320kbps and 48kHz)

Note: The M50.2's USB ports are not compatible with the direct connection of an Apple iOS or Android device.

Analog Input: The NAD M50.2 is outfitted with a set of stereo analog RCA inputs for connecting an external analog audio device, such as NAD's C 427 AM/FM tuner (sold separately). Audio from the analog input can be played back at the M50.2 and wirelessly distributed to other Bluesound components in your home for multiroom playback.

Digital Coaxial/Optical Inputs: The M50.2 features a rear-panel optical (toslink) digital input and coaxial (RCA) digital input to connect your digital audio components, like a TV, Blu-ray player, or SACD player. The Digital inputs support sampling rates of up to 192kHz. Audio from the digital inputs can be played on the M50.2 and wirelessly distributed to other Bluesound components in your home for multiroom playback.

Note: If connecting to a television set's optical output, please make sure that you are able to select PCM as the default optical out audio format from your television's Audio menu. The M50.2 is not compatible with multi-channel audio signals and will not work with televisions that do not output PCM.

SPDIF Digital Outputs: The NAD M50.2 features 3-types of SPDIF digital outputs - AES/EBU (XLR), Coaxial (RCA), & Optical (toslink). Use these digital outputs to connect a preamplifier, integrated amplifier, stereo receiver, or AV receiver like NAD's M2, M12, M32 Master Series integrated amplifiers. These digital inputs will handle digital audio sampling rates up to 192kHz.


Touchscreen, App, & Voice Control

Bluesound Controller App: The free Bluesound Controller App turns your Apple iOS (8.0+) iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android (OS 4.0+) smartphone/tablet, Windows (Vista or higher) PC or Mac (O X 10.7+) computer into a full-featured remote control for the Bluesound wireless music system. The Bluesound Controller App on your compatible device uses your home's WiFi network to connect with Bluesound devices, so you can play all the music you love anywhere in your home for a wireless multiroom music experience. Get on-demand access to your music libraries on your home network, stream live Internet radio from almost any place in the world, or listen to one of the many music services available on Bluesound, all from the palm of your hand with the easy-to-use Bluesound Controller App.

Alexa Compatible: The NAD M50.2 supports Amazon Alexa and voice control. Using an Amazon Alexa enabled device (sold separately), you can use your voice to explore music services, select presets, adjust volume levels, switch up songs in different rooms, or even group your Bluesound components together and play your music in perfect sync throughout the house. Each Alexa voice command will need to start with the phrase "Alexa, ask Blue Voice to" or "Alexa, Tell Blue Voice to". Alexa Skills for BluOS will need to be setup through the Amazon Alexa app on your Apple iOS or Android device.

Front-Panel Touchscreen Display: The NAD M50.2's front-panel touchscreen display offers song/artist information with album art and touch sensitive playback controls. Playback controls included Play/Pause & Previous/Next Track.

IR In/Out: The IR input (3.5mm) should be connected to the output of an IR (infrared) repeater (Xantech, etc.) or the IR output of another compatible device to allow control of the M50.2 from a remote location. The IR output (3.5mm) allows command and control of the connected device by directing its own remote control to M50.2's infrared receiver.

12V Trigger In/Out: With 12V trigger input (3.5mm) triggered by a 12V DC supply, the M50.2 can be switched On/Off remotely from standby mode by compatible devices such as amplifiers, preamplifiers, receivers, etc. The 12V trigger output (3.5mm) is used for turning On/Off an external device that is equipped with a 12V trigger input.

RS-232 Port: The M50.2's RS-232 port allows you to connect to one of many third-party control platforms, including RTI, Control4, and Crestron. Talk to your local AV & Control professional about the possibilities for your home.


Storage Capacity 2TB + Backup RAID 2TB
Disc Mech Slot Type, for CD-A
Outputs Optical, Coax, AES/EBU, HDMI
USB Connections Type-B, Type-A (2)
Network Connections RJ45 Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Network Streaming Services Yes (via BluOS)
Bluetooth Yes

Width  435mm
Height 133mm
Depth  380mm
Weight  16.5 kg
Data Sheet




AV System Integrator 3-976

***if you are interested in having this model professionally installed, please contact us for an authorised Dealer/Installer in your region

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Control Integration drivers are available here for most major Automation and Smart Home Control Systems:   
NAD Control Integration Drivers 

  • URC
  • RTI
  • PUSH
  • ELAN
  • BluOS Integration Utility
  • BluOS Simple API Document
  • NAD to Pronto
  • PC Interface Software
  • RS232 Test Program
  • HTR Remote Interface

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