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NAD PP4 - Phono Preamplifier & USB ADC
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With the addition of the PP 4 to your home system, the LPs you cherish the most come alive in the form of expansive and rich sound. Offering superb and measured sonic performance, NAD combines two simple solutions – a high quality phono preamplifier and a USB analog-to-digital converter (ADC) – into one small device. It's essential for playing your turntable through stereo amplifiers and AV receivers that lack a phono input. The PP 4 uses a shielded USB cable and recording level control, which reduces noise and improves the analogue-to-digital conversion process. As part of NAD’s commitment to the environment, the PP 4 features a more efficient “green” power supply that reduces power consumption. It also has an Auto Power Down feature that saves energy by shutting off when not in use.


Digitise your vinyl collection

The PP4 enables you to digitise your treasured vinyl collections to a PC or Mac. It features inputs for both MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) types for a wide variety of phono cartridges, and there is a line input to allow for the transfer of cassette tapes. The PP 4 also includes VinylStudio Lite Software for ripping LPs and burning audio CDs. The PP 4 Phono-to-USB Preamp offers a complete hardware and software solution with exceptional flexibility to record from LP or tape.


PP 4 VinylStudio Lite

The PP 4 comes with AlpineSoft’s VinylStudio Lite ripping software for Mac and Windows. With VinylStudio Lite you can:

  • Rip LPs into WAV files
  • Split Tracks
  • Burn CDs
  • Record Disks
  • Look up Song Titles
  • Handle File Management

To download your FREE copy of VinylStudio Lite for your PP4 please click on the links below:
Vinyl Studio lite for Windows : Here
Vinyl Studio lite MAC (OS X 10.6 and later): Here
To upgrade to the fully featured version of VinylStudio, please visit AlpineSoft’s own website and purchase the most intuitive software available for ripping LPs and burning CDs. VinylStudio’s powerful audio cleanup tools (you can trial these in VinylStudio Lite) can be used to remove clicks and pops restoring your songs to like new condition.

Visit: for complete information


Turn your irreplaceable vinyl LPs into digital music you can enjoy anywhere

Missing the music in your record collection because your receiver lacks a phono input? Here's a way to get back in the groove. Add the NAD PP 4 to your system, and you can connect your turntable to any of your receiver's line-level inputs. And your options don't stop there.

The PP 4's USB port lets you connect your turntable to a computer so you can convert LPs to digital files and transfer your record collection to recordable CDs using the included VinylStudio™ Lite software. A line level input also lets you burn audio CDs from other analog music sources, such as a cassette deck. And this preamp features a recording level control to help optimise the analog-to-digital conversion process.

Need a cable?

Why not choose one of our great WireWorld or Naked Cable RCAs to complete the setup with your receiver or amp.


Product highlights:

  • Phono preamplifier with built-in analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to convert vinyl to digital files
  • Includes VinylStudio Lite software for converting LPs to CD (Windows and Mac compatible)
  • Purchase of full version of VinylStudio software required for converting individual tracks to MP3 or AAC
  • Compatible with moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) phono cartridges
  • Line-level input for connecting another analog audio source like a cassette deck
  • Line-level audio output to your stereo or receiver
  • USB port for connecting to a PC (includes USB cable)
  • Outputs 16-bit/48kHz PCM digital audio
  • Recording level control (0 dB to -6 dB)
  • External power supply for reduced noise and interference
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 76 dB (MM); 78 dB (MC); 115 dB (line level)
  • THD: less than 0.03% (MM & MC)
  • RIAA response accuracy ± 0.3 dB (20-20kHz)

What's in the box:

  • Digital phono preamplifier
  • AC adapter (w/ attached DC cord)
  • USB cable (USB type-A connector on computer end and USB type-B connector for PP4)
  • Warranty information
  • Instructions/Specifications on box
Cartridge Type MM or MC
THD 0.03%
Signal to Noise Ratio (MM) 76dB
Signal to Noise Ratio (MC) 78dB
Digital output USB (Type-B)
16-bit / 48kHz linear PCM

Width  135mm
Height 49mm
Depth  72mm
Data Sheet



AV System Integrator 3-976

***if you are interested in having this model professionally installed, please contact us for an authorised Dealer/Installer in your region

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