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Own a Bluesound Pulse Soundbar? With the RT100 Wireless Speaker Link, you can connect virtually any subwoofer to it without cables.That way your Pulse Soundbar can deliver even stronger midrange and highs while sending the low-frequency signal to your subwoofer.

You can also use the RT100 to wirelessly connect your Node or Vault to a set of powered speakers or a powered subwoofer. The RT100 lets you place your speakers or sub just about anywhere in the room. Its point-to-point communication delivers detailed, accurate audio information to your connected speakers.

Not limited to Bluesound
The RT100 has both a stereo minijack input and output, so it can be used as either a transmitter or receiver. Have an older stereo or home theatre receiver you'd like to add a wireless sub to? Connect one RT100 to your component to act as a transmitter, and another to the subwoofer as the receiver.

Other features
The RT100 uses a tri-band RF signal, with a built-in channel selector that ensures you'll have the strongest connection.

The RT100 comes with a mini USB-to-USB power cable. Plug it into a USB port on your sub, receiver or Bluesound player to power up the device. If you have an AC adapter with a USB port, you can also use it with the RT100. 


Product highlights:

  • Compatible with Bluesound Pulse Soundbar
  • Compatible with Bluesound Gen 2 players
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz (±0.5dB)
  • Analog output level: 2V
  • Audio latency: <18ms
  • Tri-band RF (radio frequency) transmission
    • Three-channel selectable switch
  • Range: 10 metres
  • 3.5mm minijack output
  • 3.5mm minijack input
  • 14" stereo minijack-to-RCA cable
  • 11" mini USB-to-USB power cable (power adapter NOT included)
  • 80mm x 50mm x 21mm  (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 0.085 kg


Wireless Speaker Link: The RT100 Wireless Speaker Link from Bluesound can be used as a wireless transmitter or receiver. It uses point-to-point wireless RF technology to send or receive a full-range or LFE audio signal from one component to another without the hassle of messy cabling. The Wireless Speaker Link has a range of approximately 32.8'. The Bluesound RT100 offers a variety of applications -

  • Using one RT100 as a wireless receiver, you can pair almost any powered subwoofer (with a line-level input) with a Bluesound Pulse series soundbar (sold separately) and allow the soundbar to focus on the mid and high-range dynamics of your favorite movie and music soundtracks.
  • Using one Bluesound RT100 as a wireless receiver, you can wirelessly connect Bluesound's Pulse Sub to a Bluesound Pulse series speaker (all sold separately).
  • Because the RT100 can works as both transmitter and receiver, you can use two RT100(s) and wirelessly connect any Bluesound Player (2nd Gen only) with a set of powered speakers or powered subwoofer.
  • In addition to Bluesound equipment, two RT100(s) can be used to wirelessly transmit audio from your existing audio stereo system (must have analog output) to a powered subwoofer with a line-level input.

Input & Output: The RT100 Wireless Speaker Link is outfitted with a 3.5mm output for use as receiver and a 3.5mm input for use as a transmitter. When used as a wireless receiver, you will connect an analog audio cable between the 3.5mm output of RT100 and the  line-level input on your powered subwoofer or speaker. When used as a wireless transmitter, you will connect an analog audio cable between the 3.5mm input of the RT100 and the line-level output of your source device.

Channel Selector Switch: The RT100 uses wireless RF technology and lets  you manually switch between three channels (1-2-3).

Power Requirements: Use the included 280mm miniUSB-to-USB cable to power the RT100 by plugging it into a compatible USB/AC wall charger (sold separately) or powered USB port located on your connected device.

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