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IR (InfraRed) mini flashers are included with our IRKIT/IRSYSTEM and can be added to IRSYSTEMPLUS
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IRFLASH6+1 Blue Eye
Infrared 6 x flasher
for use with IRSYSTEMPLUS
For the control of up to *7 components in another room.

*when using the IR port with suitable 3.5mm - 3.5mm cable
(not supplied)
AFM 6 New Emitters white 205px

Designed as an expansion option for the IRSYSTEMPLUS range for the control of 3 or 6 additional components depending on model.

The flasher module receives the incoming signal from another room and through discrete flashers is designed to sit at the sensor location of the component to be controlled. The flashers include a mounting pad to ensure maximum reliability.
The receiving module includes an LED for visual feedback that a signal is being passed - ideal for a quick check that system is working.

Optimized for MySky, MySky hdi - and all new TV's including LED and OLED.

Includes approximately 300cm of cable from RJ45 connector to the 3 or 6 flashers - depending on version.

Warranty info 3 years
*3-year warranty
IMG 0629 medium-12
IRFLASH3 3 or 6 flashers
depending on model

Blue Eye Warranty:  *3 year manufacturer limited warranty when installed by a trained, approved professional!

The Flasher is sold in two versions - either 3 or 6 emitter buds (IRFLASH3+1 or IRFLASH6+1).The IRFLASH3+1 or IRFLASH6+1 is intended for multi-room installations with the IRSYSTEMPLUS system.

The IRFLASH6+1 receives the signal from another room (originally from the remote control) and this signal is converted back into the original format with negligible deterioration. The technology used effectively recreates a copy of the original remote control signal so there is little chance of interference or corrupted signals. Once the signal arrives at the source it is converted back to the normal IR signal and therefore reliably works with 99% of all consumer equipment.

  • Power supply: 12v (supplied with systems)

  • Electrical connection:

    • Cable to flasher - approx 140cm

    • Cable to connector - approx 200cm
      (terminated with RJ45 which can be lengthened as required)

    • Can be ordered with 3.5mm connector for direct input to component to be controlled

  • Manufacturer warranty for residential applications : 3 years

IRFLASH Multi-Room Diagram

Sky Kaon Box Emitter Location
Emitter Care
Information Sheet


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