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Mobius Series, Single Stereo High Fidelity invisible in-wall speaker
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Amina MOBIUS DUAL Single Stereo Speaker

The MobiusDual is a single-panel stereo invisible loudspeaker, using the same OptiDrive, OptiDamping and Reduced Resonance Exciter technologies that are found in the Mobius Series Invisible Loudspeakers.
This gives high quality dual-channel reproduction where there is insufficient space for a pair of speakers.

Rendered invisible behind a 2mm skim of plaster, or other material such as solid wood, veneer or leather, it is the perfect solution for aesthetically sensitive applications where stereo image (width) is not critical but sound quality and even dispersion are still required.

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See install video here
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Recent engineering development has resulted in improvements in key areas of audio reproduction:
  • OptiDrive technology optimally distributes the audio signal to the speaker’s exciters to ensure exceptional high frequency clarity on and off-axis. The result: improved tonal balance and treble detail. 
  • OptiDamping technology delivers increased low frequency extension and improved mid-range accuracy by selectively tuning discrete vibrational modes that are generated in the loudspeaker’s acoustic panel.

The MOBIUS DUAL is a single Stereo speaker. It requires a Mounting system and Amina Protection Units.

Amina MOBIUS DUAL Warranty:  *10 year manufacturer limited warranty for residential applications.

* Amina MOBIUS Series speakers are guaranteed for 10-years when used with an Amina APU and installed by a trained, approved professional!
  • Completely Invisible, high fidelity loudspeaker
  • Easy to install into gib board walls or ceilings
  • Simply skim over with a finishing coat of plaster
  • Suitable Residential distributed audio systems in rooms with insufficient space for a pair of speakers,
    or where stereo image is not essential.
  • Nominal impedance : 2 x 8 Ohms
  • Power handling (continuous / peak) : 2 x 30/60W 
  • Sensitivity (2mm plaster skim) : 87dB 1m/ 2.83Vrms (both channels driven)
  • Frequency response : 105Hz - 20kHz (+/-6dB) mounted in Backbox CV345
  • Dimensions: 450mm x 345mm x 35mm
  • Electrical connection : Butt splice permanent crimped terminals (14-16 AWG cable recommended)
  • Fixing requirement : Amina Backbox/shims or mounting blocks
  • In-line protection unit : 2 x APUi30
  • Manufacturer warranty for residential applications : 10 years
  • It is recommended to use backboxes to maximise consistency in performance and reduce sound radiating from the rear of the speaker into adjoining rooms.

Please see the Maximise Performance tab for more.
APU (Amina Protection Unit)

Designed to protect the speakers in the rare event where an amplifier might fault and output damaging voltage.

Fitted near the amplifier they offer peace of mind and allow us to offer the full warranty.

The APU is supplied as part of many systems, talk to your professional installer for details.

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Amina Bass Support

ALF40 (100px wide)

Amina's compact ALF40/ALF80 Bass Enhancers are the first subwoofers Amina has designed and engineered specifically to complement Amina's current line of invisible speakers.

Because of their unique hidden design and excellent sonic performance characteristics, the ALF40 can also be incorporated into any conventional speaker system where minimal visual impact of the subwoofer is required.

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ALF40          ALF80
Amina Back Box

cv345-img (100px w)Firehood345 (100px w)

A highly recommended addition to reduce rearward radiating sound.

Like any in-wall or in-ceiling speakers a back box allow for different materials and locations for consistency of sound quality.

*Fire Rated Hood (pictured right) also available

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Product Data Sheet

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MOBIUS Installation 

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Residential Product Brochure

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Plastering Information

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Simple Installation

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Please contact your installing professional for the most up to date information



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Audio in Large Spaces

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Pools & Wet Rooms

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Retail & Commercial

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Finishing Materials

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